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Recently I got a new MacBook Pro and bought 8 GB of new RAM to go with it so it would be maxed out and I could get the most out of my machine; however, since then I’ve had 2-3 system-wide freezes followed by 3 low beeps. The last time it happened was today at work which a co-worker checked a crash log and explained that I had bad RAM. To double-check this I downloaded Memtest to check my RAM for any bad addresses. First I (stupidly) ran the short version of the test which doesn’t check all of the RAM, big mistake. It took forever and didn’t report any problems, so I ran it again to check all addresses and almost instantly it found a bad address, and kept looking! It didn’t just stop after one, it kept looking and looking to find multiple bad addresses, stopping after a minute of tests to indicate a gross portion of my RAM was unusable.

After that I informed Newegg of the bad RAM and within only a few minutes the specialist apologized sincerely, asked me to verify my shipping address, and promptly issued me a replacement which should take about a week to get to them, get processed, then be shipped (expedited shipping) free of any charges whatsoever. Once again Newegg has given me the best customer treatment to date. Now I just need to open up my laptop…again.


Life Through Me

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This is going to be off topic from most of the other posts, but I feel like I need to explain who I am so the few people who read it can know me. Be warned, this will talk of Religion, Sex, my mental state of being, Philosophical ideas of mine, and of course many personal opinions on things that I’m sure many people will want to argue, etc. I ask you refrain and just read, this isn’t a debate, it’s about you learning about me and how I tick.

First off, I’m a very logical person. Not often do I ever do anything that isn’t thought out at least a little bit if not to a great extent before doing it. With that in mind, I’ve gathered that I’m unable to plead insanity due to my lack of said “sanity”, which is also a questionable concept since it’s only based on the majority of the populous and not particularly correct. Then you have to take into consideration the inconsistencies of the natural world and lies that we as a people are fed by our head figures (religious and political figures that rule over us…or so they’d like to imagine). Anyway, yes I do believe I lack “sanity” because everything is so logistically thought out that I couldn’t have a psychological break and do something against my own will without some sort of outside manipulation, which then would go outside the bounds of loss of sanity and being under the influence of an intoxicant that rendered me unable to comprehend my own actions. Please make sure you understand the difference between those two concepts.

Secondly, I don’t have a religion for many reasons. I don’t want to live my life around a set of rules that go against my moral standards just to go to somewhere “perfect”, which nothing can be “perfect” because it’s another abstraction that changes accordingly for each person. Next, I don’t want to worship something that, as far as anyone can truly tell, doesn’t even exist. That’s just a waste of time, money, and life for reaping no reward in the end. If you take “Heaven” as the reward into consideration, then having no need for pleasure, there being no pain, love, hate, or any other sense or emotion, it removes all individuality and sounds extremely boring to be honest. While on the topic of religion, I’m going to break away to explain an experience I’ve had when I was young. As a child I had a rather hectic life and even though I’m not religious I saw an Angel. You don’t have to believe me, but honestly, why would I lie after spilling out so much thus far? Another question may be, “But, if you don’t believe in God, why are Angels OK when they’re God’s messengers?” and my answer is that they are NOT God’s messengers and for all I care all religions are wrong and created as a way of controlling people through fear.

Now when it comes to sex and love (two different things by the way) then anyone can have sex, but it takes a connection to make love and true love does not discriminate. Be the couple gay, bisexual, lesbian, or straight they are still two people who share a deep, special connection and want to spend the rest of their lives together. This is why it angers me when people spew their hate against people of alternative sexuality which I assume they have due to overly conservative family values or they’re too small-minded to realize two people of the same sex can love each other. Now when it comes to intercourse I have the belief that each person should reach climax (yes guys, that means knowing how to use your dipstick for more than just yourself). I’ve heard “a woman knows a woman’s body best” and I would have to agree, no matter how good the guy is because a woman truly does know the hot spots which come as second nature rather than a guy fumbling around and taking years to learn how to properly unhook a bra. Why point this out? Well, I’ve noticed that too many “men” of my generation (or the next generation…hell, most generations) don’t focus on how the woman feels or still have the old thought that women are things that the man “owns” as if she’s property instead of another HUMAN BEING. The sad thing is actually having to state this when we’re living in a day and age where you’d think we wouldn’t have to do this stupid song and dance, yet I still have female friends who are treated like sex toys and it disgusts me to my core. I’ll stop here before I go too far into detail and gross anyone out or upset some parent or something…

I’m going to stay away from politics because to be honest..I can’t stand any government currently in place because they all lie to their people. Furthermore, since I’m getting extremely tired I’ll end it here with a final note: you really don’t want to be me unless you like seeing the world through an exposed perspective where the blindfolds and rose-tinted glasses are removed showing the true colors of the personal Hell we’ve made for ourselves. I hope this helps some of you understand how I work and if you have questions, feel free to ask since I answer nearly any question I’m asked.

Develop and Charge Modestly

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As a “starving” college student, I know what it’s like to create something awesome and want to charge a lot for it, especially since it would help out a LOT with living expenses; however, in doing so you make whatever you create a bigger target for pirates.

Thoughtful pirates are just pirating it to see if it works for them (mainly because you don’t have a trial version) so if it fits them, they’ll buy it. Other pirates never had the intent to buy it in the first place or one “Freedom Pirate” will buy it and distribute the key as many times as possible before you either disable that key, or whatever. Those, according to Markus “Notch” Persson, were never sales to begin with and it’s better to shrug and say “oh well, maybe they’ll show it to someone who’ll end up actually buying it.” instead of doing everything in your power to make them pay for stealing your software. This is just stupid, in doing so you make yourself look bad and can spark a rallying point for them to get more “Freedom Pirates” to buy en masse and distribute over a secret or “Anonymous” network to hundreds if not hundreds of thousands within minutes where you now lost a lot more sales. If instead you keep cool and give them something they’ll want to pay for, then the pirate will eventually want to pay in order to get that special benefit and make them feel better than others (yes, it’s a pride thing, especially if they’re a really big nerd).

The best way to sell your program, service, etc. is to either make it free and allow for happy customers to donate, which I can say has already proven to be successful, or charge a fair price for your product/service. Don’t charge too low or you’ll be cutting yourself short and reducing the “guilt factor” of future pirates and don’t charge too high or you’ll get more “Freedom Pirates” and end up with fewer sales due to it costing too much for what it provides. This should all be common sense, but from what I’ve been seeing and learning about lately, not many people follow along with this. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of pirating, but most of those tools are either rarely used, very old, or too expensive for the service they provide. Heck, I paid $15 for an app that does something I could have done from the command line, but I only found out AFTER I bought it. Even worse, it was less efficient than a few lines of code turned into a right-click service that I made in 10 minutes for free. This is called “playing off end user stupidity/gullibility” which I HEAVILY frown upon, and so should you! It’s more important to have a strong customer base than extremely high profit margins, remember that.

Alrighty, I think I’ve said enough in this little rant, but I hope at least someone actually gets something out of this and maybe people can start treating the customer as more than a source of income.

Design and why I HATE (doing) It

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I might not have made it obvious enough, but I’m not one for design. I acknowledge that things need a nice design to grab attention, etc. but I hate having to be the one to design something. Why is this? I’ll explain.

I’m a programmer by nature; I enjoy building things from nothing and watching them perform great feats. However, when it comes to design, rarely does it positively affect something’s function. Being a person who enjoys the function of something, then making it look pretty is the last thing on my mind. So when I have to dedicate time and effort to prettify something to an unnecessary level, I tend to get irritated. I can understand having a design that aids the function or guides users around, but anything past that is a waste and hinders the function, speed, and ease of use of the page or even the entire website. Even worse, a bad design can completely destroy the website and thus take away all of the work that was put into it to get it working and provide the base function it was made for!

I’m going to stop here since I have other things to do, but I hope this sheds at least a little light on why when I make something I take great effort to design something with the minimalist mindset. In my defense, I may be lazy, but when I’m really into something I go far beyond what is needed to show what I can perform, except for design since a minimal design is one that will keep things fast, clean, and still get the job done.


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Yes Java. I’ve been learning Java recently and it’s actually been going alright. It all stemmed from a friend saying he wanted to make a plugin for Bukkit, a wrapper for the server of Minecraft, which is an awesome game by the way and made by a really cool developer from Sweden! Go check it out, no really, go check it out I’ll wait……..ok, welcome back! Pretty cool right? See, I told you it was awesome, no back to me and my Java experience. Right, so Java is an interesting programming language, but it was a lot easier to adapt to than I thought it would be. It’s basically done now and if you play Minecraft, or at least will and want to run your own server using Bukkit, you can go download the source for the plugin over here. If not then you can still check out the code since I was the one who wrote the Java and my friend wrote the code for the website to display the data. I didn’t really mind writing it since it was a good learning experience in the end. Well, I need to get back to work on my PHP midterm, thanks for reading!

My New Meds

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Yes, I know this is another post starting with “My New” but I do actually have new medication. It’s for depression and it actually helps quite a bit with getting stuff done since it basically help me get over the fact that I’m doing something boring and redundant and just get it done. One of the main reasons I was depressed was the lack of being able to talk to my girlfriend and not having any reasons as to why I wasn’t able to until my mom, yes my mom, called her aunt and asked why she [my girlfriend] hasn’t been talking to either my mom or I in what was two weeks. It wouldn’t be so bad if she was closer, but when she lives a few states away, then it’s rather difficult to not be upset after two weeks of no contact, right? Either way I finally got to talk to my beautiful girl and found out her crazy aunt took her phone away and basically just keeps her home to do homework or go to work with her giving her no time for any social life or any time to even talk to me.

That whole fiasco mixed with school and life in general made me sink deeper and deeper into a hidden depression I had until I wasn’t able to hide it inside any more and my “doctor” [he’s technically a psychologist, but I see him for my other medication, that’s why I call him a doctor] noticed something was wrong, we talked, he gave me a test and he told me I showed signs of depression and that he was going to put me on a low dose anti-depressant to see how that would work and I went with it. Since then I’ve been having much better days and others from school even saw me happy and smiling and things have been going much better overall.

Hopefully I will get to talk to my girlfriend sooner than later so I don’t stress out so much, but there’s really not much I can do except send my mom after her aunt so we can talk. Either way, that’s what’s been going on for me lately. As always, thanks for reading!

My New Website

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Okay, well it’s not THAT new, I’ve had it for over a week, but still I thought I should talk about it a bit. It’s the website I’ve been wanting for a long while now and I finally have it. You can check it out most days, but when I’m asleep or in class it won’t be up because I run it from my laptop at my dorm and changing the location to the default take around 10 minutes and doesn’t even have content, plus nobody actually go there yet, so it’s not like I’m actually losing any traffic. It’s more or less something to just have and use whenever I feel like it. Anyway, the address is sparkedia [dot] com, feel free to check it out and if it’s not up, just try again later or send a tweet to @phyre5 and tell me to hurry my ass up and get home so I can get my website up. Sometimes it will be down for other reasons though, such as me being on the Windows partition which doesn’t run the web server I have on my computer. If enough people bug me though, I might just pop back over to the Mac partition so you can check it out and tell me how it does nothing, haha.